PAPAYANNIS Theodoros (1942) “Mother figure of Epirus”, 1995

Papayannis is sculptor of exceptional technical skill and theoretical training, obtained from his teacher Yannis Pappas, from his post-graduate work in Paris, and from his travels throughout Greece, studying classical antiquities. His work is characterized by the coexistence of contemporary expressive means and elements from tradition. His way of developing the form in space, his undertaking a variety of materials and exploiting of their potential combine with his cultural background to produce artwork that is monumental, oversized, dominated by hieratical, emblematic, ritualistic, richly ornamented figures – evocative of the primeval, ancient art that had spread throughout the Mediterranean. The same monumentality exists in his smaller-scale works of painted terracotta from the 1990s, which depict figures inspired by folklore or antiquity.

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