E. Averoff Gallery, Metsovo: Painting, Printmaking, Sculpture

The new complete catalogue of the Museum recently circulated (September 2008). It completes and simultaneously replaces the Foundation’s three previous publications: “Averoff Gallery” (1991), “New Acquisitions” (1994) and “The Dimitrios Tsamis Donation” (1997).

The new catalogue includes photographs and documentation of the artworks of the Permanent Collection divided into ten sections-chapters: 1) 19th Century. The Ionian Islands and the Early Post-Revolution Years. 2) The Munich School. The Evolutionary Process. 3) Influences from Paris and Other Art Centres. 4) The Turn of the 20th Century: Plein Air –The Establishment of Greek Landscape Painting. 5) 20th Century. The Beginning of Modernism. 6) The Inter-War Years. The ‘30s Generation –Survivals. 7) After the War. The New Trends. The ‘60s Generation. 8) The ‘80s and ‘90s Generation. 9) Printmaking. 10) Sculpture.

A separate 67-page CATALOGUE OF WORKS section follows, alphabetically by artist, with small images of their works, and scientific documentation for all the works of the Permanent Collection. Author and curator of the edition is Olga Mentzafou-Polyzou, Director of Collections at the National Gallery. Additional texts are written by the art historians Irini Orati, Katerina Stathopoulou and Lina Tsikouta.

Exclusive Sponsor: Kitty Kyriakopoulou

417 pages, 29×24 cm. hard and soft cover, separate editions Greek/English, ISBN : 978-960-7694-19-5 / 978-960-7694-20-1. The Evangelos Averoff – Tossizza Foundation, 2008.