ZACHARIOUDAKIS Manolis (1958) “On the water worm-like things, sea-dragons strange / 3 nicors”, 1996

On the water worm-like things, sea-dragons strange / 3 nicors (1996)

In Zacharioudakis` work, figures and forms from the legends of primitive populations and icons of religious glory and exorcism of lost peoples emerge through the harmony of abject materials and the combination of contemporary scientific or technological achievements, to give life to a work that portrays the material of various cultural. Wire, wood, wicker, paper become artistic elements that, when incorporated into his painting, give a third dimension to the composition, which then takes the form of a sculpture. Meanwhile, traditional methods, such as encaustic, or contemporary achievements, such as photography or digital manipulation, operate magically, almost devotionally to attain a blending of the divine and the human, spirit and matter, history and current everyday life.