SORONGAS Sotiris (1936) “Old Roof”, 1986

Old Roof (1986)

In Sorongas` paintings, piles of stones, wood, doors, well openings, half-demolished roofs, and ruins are suspended in the blinding light of the canvas. Light themselves, these objects are highlighted with only enough color – usually grey – to indicate their volume. Amidst them in the beginning and later in the center, is the black hole of chaos, which sometimes is rent by an intense red, the source of hope and life. The overwhelming sense of the void, of silence, and of tranquility is evoked through the exceptionally sparing use of expressive means. The sole dominance of white and grey, highlighted with some deep earth tone – whose use has expanded in recent years – and the total absence of the human figure conveys this feeling even more strongly. The objects that define the space are arranged in a dense composition full of tension that unites and absorbs, are at once the womb that gives birth and the chaos that is reorganized in a perpetual flow of deterioration and re-creation.