Mariza De Castro, With the Averoff Gallery Artists

Books on the Collection

This is an art book that will appeal to young people, as well as to all art lovers, teachers and parents.

This book demystifies our encounters with works of art, encouraging each one of us to ‘read’ them based on our own sensitivity.

The author has selected 21 paintings by earlier and contemporary painters on permanent display at the Averoff Gallery at Metsovo, featuring representative works from the movements and styles of two prolific centuries – the 19th and the 20th – and the ideas that influenced the evolution of painting.

Paintings were selected so as to stimulate young visitors’ imagination as well as provide information on the artists’ personalities and work as well as their contemporary historical background.

In her unmistakable style, the author traces each artist’s story through their work and proposes a way to approach them as one of many possibilities, highlighting at the same time each artist’s unique qualities.

Reflecting the gallery display layout, the book can be used as a guide, suggesting a path for exploring the history of Modern-Greek painting and enabling visitors to tour the premises, to make connections with the historical context of each work and discover the story behind it.

52 pages, 22X24 cm, soft cover, ISBN: 978-960-7694-24-9, The Evangelos Averoff-Tossizza Foundation, 2016.