PANTAZIS Pericles (1849-1884) “Lady in Riding Habit” or “The Letter” or “After Riding”

Lady in Riding Habit or The Letter or After Riding

The female figure in the work of Pericles Pantazis is not always the woman of daily toil in all her epic glory. Often, she is the refined, comely lady of the town, charming in her elegant attire, depicted either in an intimate interior setting or in some isolated corner of the garden. In `After Riding,` the woman’s figure emerges through successively applied planes of dark pigment formed from flat, broad monochrome strokes in the manner of Manet, minimizing the chromatic transitions in order to render volume. In contrast, the dark red fabric in the foreground, with its deep, rich folds, contributes to the sense of three-dimensionality and the definition of depth.