GALDEMIS Christodoulos (1953) “Gully”, 1991

Gully (1991)

Galdemis depicts old Athenian neighborhoods with their neoclassical houses, inhabited or deserted, preserved or derelict, in their entirety or only some distinguishing feature – a courtyard door, an outside wall – nearly always decorated with a leafy branch of a tree or some wildflowers. He also paints still lifes as well as scenes of the Epirus countryside, the blue-green water of the Voidomatis or the crystalline calm of the Pamvotida. His paintings are translucent and bathed in light. Although they do not depict human figures, they are filled with a love for humankind, sensitivity and nostalgia. They are also a silent testimonial to the neighborhood, that protective contour now gone, and for Greek nature, which has been ravaged in the name of improvement.