Greek Printmaking today

Bilingual catalogue with color illustrations of works by the 53 participating artists of the homonymous art exhibition “Greek Printmaking today” , that took place in Averoff Museum at Metsovo, from 6/10  up to 10/12/2007.
Also includes essays by the art historian Irini Orati and Nikos Desekopoulos, President of the Greek Engravers Association, artists’ biographies and photographic documentation.
The catalogue Greek Engraving Today represents the central idea, an artistic gathering in collaboration with two important bodies in the sphere of culture, in which all the member-artists worked in the years 2006 – 2007, producing their best representative work. It is the culmination of 20 years of efforts since the foundation of the Union of Engravers, where contemporary Greek engravers show great promise. The works were created with a view to the engravers registering their artistic proposal, by means of all the possibilities provided by the modern art of engraving.

160 pages, 29X24 cm, soft cover, bilingual (Greek/English), ISBN: 978-960-7694-18-8. Evangelos Averoff-Tossizza Foundation/ State Museum of Contemporary Art, 2007.