CHAROS Manolis (1960) “Greek Light”, 1994

Greek Light (1994)

With the Platonic definition of `mimesis` being the reproduction of nature and the Aristotelian theorem that `mimesis` is the principle of every art, Charos ventures to recreate the poetry of the world around us as he feels it: constantly changing and different, depending on his emotions and sensitivity. He uses a personal process to convey images of landscapes that he subjectively negotiates and transforms. He eschews slavish copying, treating his landscapes as an adventure in form and color, full of spontaneous or contrived harmony, and as a spiritual adventure that takes us beyond the space of the specific to the non-visible, to the absolute in a realm where time ceases to operate. The painting is simply a dream that enchants, a dream that inspires, and a few words from a fairytale that makes you muse and daydream.