SAMIOS Pavlos (1948) “Good Catch”, 1993

Good Catch (1993)

Figures twisting and suspended in an ambiguous space definable only by a few objects have comprised the subject matter of Samios` paintings in recent several years, after his lengthy service to a somewhat purely realistic, almost photographic representation. In the beginning, the human body, heavy and tired, in a revolving, daring motion, was depicted with a great deal of expressiveness and sensitivity, made more intense by the full, thick lines and dynamic contrast between light and dark planes. Later, his figures continued with their bold outlines, but are rendered more stylistically and are distinguished for the disarmingly refined use of color, which now becomes lyrical. Highly knowledgeable in the Greek painting tradition, from the rendering of flesh and clothing with the dark ground and luminous surface of the Byzantines to the flat outlined figure of antiquity, Samios intensifies the mental process by designing title-meanings that endow everyday, simplistic subjects with spirituality.