APARTIS Thanassis (1899-1972) “Gardener”, 1938

Gardener (1938)

Thanassis Apartis was the French sculptor Antoine Bourdelle’s favorite pupil. An important Greek artist with a profound knowledge and understanding of ancient Greek art, medieval European sculpture, and the views of his artist contemporaries, he was capable of imbuing his work with spiritual content and inner life. His thoroughly anthropocentric oeuvre began and ended with the compact form in which sculptural volume emerges unified, without any affectation that detract from the essence. These features are apparent in the `Gardener,` from 1938, one of his most important works. Here we have the bust of a man of labor, who Apartis depicts in his social milieu in a simple and straightforward manner in an effort to convey the substance of his being. A second version of the work, slightly larger and with some differences mainly in the clothing is in the Municipal Gallery of Athens.