MORALIS Yannis (1916-2009) “Erotica”, 1989

Erotica (1989)

Yannis Moralis embarked on his great adventure in art with the complete support of his philologist father, who passed on to him an extensive knowledge of both ancient Greek civilization and contemporary artistic creation. Enamored of the female body and the eternal male-female relationship, he created monumental figures that derive their inspiration from ancient grave stelae, standing as they do: silent, solitary, and self-absorbed. Whether he used shading (at the outset of his career) to contour the sensual flesh, or a simple outline to contain the form in ever more abstracted meticulous geometric groupings, his figures are equally hieratical, spiritual, and symbolic, as well as tender, oneiric, and tranquil. His organization of space and form articulated according to the inviolable cannon of formal and architectural order, the austere interaction of geometric shapes, and his exceptionally sparing use of color are not the product of a cool, cerebral process. Rather, these sensibilities are the outcome of a profound internal preparation, which gives the human figure a monumental calm and wholeness. Devoid of all excesses and any sort of emotional outburst, stripped of useless details and redundancies, the composition transubstantiates into spirit; it is elevated to essence, bestowing sacredness to the couple`s personal and profoundly intimate moments.