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Flashes 2, 1999

Flashes 2, 1999
Flashes 2, 1999
Papageorgiou Evdokia
(Ioannina 1945)
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Coloured glass,mirrors
Gift of the artist
The series 'Flashes 2' of 1999 served to extend the earlier and authentic work of the artist which started out in 1996. As a starting-point in her work, Papageorgiou uses the principles of constructivism, which lend a feeling of the futuristic to her abstract constructions. Even when she is rendering features from objective reality (flowers, animals, nature), these are shown by fundamental mathematical principles and the logic of architecture. The minimalist geometrical shapes, chiefly horizontal and vertical parallelograms, contribute to the basic structure of the constructions and give rise to a marked mood of expansion in her creation. The exploitation of the possibility of 'flashes' is achieved with effectiveness, by means of the imprinting of the compositions on the diaphanous material of glass, in combination with the capabilities for reflection of the pieces of mirror which are incorporated. The 'alchemy' of the materials used in construction and the strong colours (red, green, blue) contribute to the full utilisation of their properties of expression in absorbing and reflecting light and colour. Strong colours and cool surfaces, transparencies and reflections, horizontal and vertical shapes, abstract and real forms conflict, but at the same time converse in Papageorgiou's individualised, personal expression.