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Bust of Evangelos Averoff-Tossizza

Bust of Evangelos Averoff-Tossizza
Katsikoyannis Dimitris
(Mitsos) (Karya, Olympus 1915 - Athens 1991)
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45Χ18Χ24 εκ

In spite of the fact that Κatsikoyannis often insisted on a specific theme, each of his creations conceals a wealth of variations and new implications, but a strongly anti-authoritarian character, as a consequence of his experiences as a political prisoner, is always to the forefront. His classical education is reflected in these works, which are mainly representational, a typical feature being the supremacy of design, even in the reliefs. The artist achieves this by engraving deeply the features which he wishes to stress, while leaving other portions of the surface untouched. In the busts in particular, Katsikoyannis's technique results in a marked dramatisation of expression.