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Portrait de Mlle Schwartz, 1923

Portrait de Mlle Schwartz, 1923
Portrait de Mlle Schwartz, 1923
Galanis Dimitris
(Athens 1879-Paris 1966)
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Tint-tool engraving
Gift of Dimitrios D. Tsamis
The copper engraving Portrait de Mlle Schwartz étoile de l' Opéra, a title which Galanis himself gave the work, is very rare, unknown in most collections. It describes in all probability, by exceptionally sparing means of expression, the face of Vera Schwarz (1888-1964), an opera soprano from Croatia and a member of the Staatsoper of Berlin in the period 1918 – 1922. Galanis's great love for music is a known fact, as are his own performances on the organ, and so his acquaintance with artists of the opera is very probable. There is no evidence to identify the work with a commission; it is more likely that this was a portrait drawn independently. In any event, the face is of great interest in itself, and Galanis chose to stress chiefly its expression, as well as the movement of the head. The detailed engraving, with differing striations, emphasises the outlines of the eyes and regulates the shadows of the face, whereas the white surfaces render the masses.