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Girl's Bust, 1927

Girl's Bust, 1927
Girl's Bust, 1927
Galanis Dimitris
(Athens 1879-Paris 1966)
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Gift of Dimitrios D. Tsamis
Girl's Bust of 1927 is a game of experimentation by Galanis on variations on a design common to them. It is a unit of six variations in which the artist, using the basic motif of a female bust, adds and subtracts one or both arms. It was printed with lighter or darker-coloured backgrounds, with the woman nude or clothed, employing the possibilities of the different techniques of etching, which produce the corresponding results. Dionysia, an emblematic figure in a symbolic pose, was produced in the next decade, and documents a different approach to design, based more on rugged outlines and a linear rendering than on the detailed description of the previous work, since Galanis, with his vast experience of techniques, specified the result in choosing his material. The work was printed in black-and-white.