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Forest of Pholloe, 1937

Forest of Pholloe, 1937
Forest of Pholloe, 1937
Velissaridis Yiorgos
(Trapezounta 1909 – Athens 1994)
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Gift of Dimitrios D. Tsamis
The Forest of Pholloe, carved on upright wood, negotiates the problem of chiaroscuro through the black-and-white engraving, and, above all, the rendering of the very few bright clearings which can be seen in a fragmentary way in the very dark landscape of the forest. Starting out from the presence of the two figures in the background of the composition, Velissaridis designs the picture of the pathway and of the gigantic trees through an alternation of diagonal and horizontal patterns, while the few points where there is light have been created by the engraving of repeated fine striations and small dots on the entire surface. The single, very small, white surface frames the two figures, creating a limited horizon of light.