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Zea Harbour, 1964

Zea Harbour, 1964
Zea Harbour, 1964
Tsarouchis Yannis
(Piraeus 1910 – Athens 1989)
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Watercolor and tempera
Gift of George Al. Tsatsos
Piraeus and Zea Harbour bear the date 1964. In the years between 1950 and 1966 we find a more frequent depiction of landscape, with neo-Classical buildings, landscape-views of Athens and Piraeus, an integral part of modern Greek history and tradition. Tsarouchis himself speaks of the "feeling of fear" with which he approached nature and the reverence which it inspired in him. In these works, very often water-colours, he describes his subjects with lyricism and realism at one and the same time. He uses a restrained colour range to render natural features, buildings, and people as parts of a huge stage set, sometimes enchanting and sometimes not. In any event, in parallel with his painting, the work which he did on stage sets was important and abundant.