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Women on a balcony, 1994

Women on a balcony, 1994
Women on a balcony, 1994
Sperantzas Vassilis
(Athens 1938)
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Women on the Balcony is a typical work by Sperantzas. Three women are sitting on a balcony near the sea, thoughtful and lost in their dreams. The moon, which sheds a hazy light, and some birds flying in the background create a dream setting in which faint melancholy and an erotic mood are diffused. His coquettish women, with their huge expressive eyes, are expecting something to appear from the sea; they are nostalgic for something which is now in the past. Through the matching of the colour range of warm orange and cold blue-mauve the work takes on a lyrical character, while the huge leaves which are scattered everywhere make the space unreal.