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Trees, c. 1920-1925

Trees, c. 1920-1925
Trees, c. 1920-1925
Maleas Constantinos
(1879-Athens 1928)
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Oil on cardboard

In Trees, the stylistic quests of Maleas in the depiction of landscape are evident, particularly where the tree dominates as a basic motif. Frequently in the works of the post-Impressionist painters, the Fauvists, the Nabi, or the Synthetists, who had a profound influence on Maleas, trees are made vehicles for investigation of form by the stylisations which produce the undulating outlines. In this work, the stylised curves of the foliage and the schematised trunks of the trees, which are repeated rhythmically on the terrain, rendered in a semi-circle, stress the decorative nature of the composition.