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Tree trunks, 1963

Tree trunks, 1963
Tree trunks, 1963
Vakalo Yorgos
(Constantinople 1902 – Athens 1991)
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Oil on canvas
Gift of Eleni G. Vakalo
From 1958, Vakalo moved in the direction of abstraction, in conjunction with a private world which was fantastic and enchanting. This derived features from nature, as works in the series 'Tree Trunks', of the 1960s, testify. The titles which refer to trees, such as Trunk of a Poplar or Tree Bark, are pretexts for the artist to develop, sometimes by verticals and horizontals, sometimes by successive areas of colour, and at other times by concentric motifs, transparencies in the paint and fluidity in the composition, his own personal version of abstraction. It is to this series that his Tree Trunks, of 1963, corresponds.