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Suggested by Dodona, 2001

Suggested by Dodona, 2001
Suggested by Dodona, 2001
Manousakis Michalis
(Chania 1953)
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Acrylic and charcoal on blackboard
In Suggested by Dodona, of 2001, the poetic atmosphere, the existential quests, the desolate landscape of the artistic narration, the solitariness of human existence are features which Manousakis negotiates in a work which takes as its subject Dodona and the Sacred Oak. At this most ancient of oracles, the presence of the famous oak-tree of Dodona, with its prophetic properties, connotes the personified goddess Nature. The artist shows the tree with its provocative green foliage bending all its branches towards man, who, enraptured by the touch, turns his back upon the onlooker. Beneath the tree, people used to drive away evil with the blowing of the wind and the sound of the kettles. The artist replaces the rattling for the exorcism of evil with limewash. Lime serves for the cleaning, the disinfection of the tree. The artist's man hears the pulsations of the earth, the rustling of the leaves touching his face and his soul. Man and tree are in a closed cyclical relation-pattern, in which man takes from nature, and nature from man. This is an endless, two-way, cyclical, life-giving movement. It is Man and the Tree.