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Still life with fruit, c.1880

Still life with fruit, c.1880
Still life with fruit, c.1880
Xydias Nikolaos
(Cephalonia 1826 - Athens 1909)
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Oil on cardboard

In Still Life with Fruit, the artist follows the trends of French painting as those took shape after the renewal brought about by Chardin in the depiction of the specific subject. Nevertheless, features of Flemish and Dutch painting of the seventeenth and eighteenth century, the influence of which was decisive in the evolution of the genre, also find a place in his pictures. The painstaking rendering by detailed depiction, the special attention paid to contrasts of light, and, above all, the harmony in the arrangement of the objects lend elegance to the picture, while the objects acquire an inner dimension which is opposed to the grandiloquence and affectation of Flemish still lifes and the undiluted realism of the Dutch.