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Solitary Dove, 1983

Solitary Dove, 1983
Solitary Dove, 1983
Karas Christos
(Trikala, Thessaly 1930)
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Crayons, ink & watercolour on canvas
Gift of the artist
In Solitary Dove, a work of the 1980s, the semantic correlation in conjunction with the simple, almost monochrome, tonicity in the subtle shades of blue and white, the statuesque frigidity which pins down the bird in a dramatic immobility, do not refer back exclusively to the symbolism with which the dove is connected, but through the experience of surrealism takes on extrapolations beyond conventional space and time, since it gives form to a new reality in which the past co-habits with the present, the transient with the eternal, memories with phenomena, movement with immobility.