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Shores in the Aegean, 1923

Shores in the Aegean, 1923
Shores in the Aegean, 1923
Gioldasis Dimitris
(Morphovouni, Karditsa 1897 - Karditsa 1993)
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Oil on cardboard
Gift of Ioanna Vassiliadi-Loverdou
Shores in the Aegean, which is dated 1923, belongs to a period which was definitive not only for the aesthetic shaping of the artist, but also for the evolution of the whole of Greek painting. In this work, traditional perspective has been abandoned, and an approach to space by level planes has been adopted, the subject being viewed from above, in a way which is often encountered in the work of the French Synthetist artists, with which he became acquainted, essentially, through the work of his teacher Constantinos Maleas, who introduced the spirit of renewal into Greek art.