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Seaman's family, 1930-1940

Seaman's family, 1930-1940
Seaman's family, 1930-1940
Zairis Emmanouil
(Alikarnassos 1876 - Mykonos 1948)
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Oil on canvas

In Seaman's Family, a scene of departure or return of a sailor who spends long periods away from home is depicted. The people in the composition are modelled by broad, thick brush-strokes which activate the space and define the human figure as an imposing shape which takes on the form of a sculptured mass. Painting 'into the light', in which the sharp contrast of shaded and bright surfaces, with the stressing of the outlines at points on which the light falls, contributes considerably to this. The areas in the shade are shown in dull colours, and so the figures stand out in all the physical mass and stability which the diffuse natural light lends them.