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Reference to the painting "After the snow", 1996

Reference to the painting "After the snow", 1996
Reference to the painting "After the snow", 1996
Adamakos Yannis
(Pyrgos Ileias 1952)
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Oil on canvas
Gift of the artist

In Reference to the Work 'After the Snow', of 1996, the relations between colour and space are articulated on terms of structures which give rise to an illusion of depth by the creation of rhythms of form and space. The diaphanous and natural space is also created by a release of energy filled with the dynamism of movement. The relation between reality and illusion is mediated through an expression of sensibility, lyricism, and inwardness. All this carefully concealed world, beneath a phantasmagoria of transparency and reflections, is a magical world, breathtakingly beautiful and unexpected, an invisible world which merely hints at its existence. The denseness of the colour, corresponding fully to the density of nature, is interrupted by diaphanous, luminous surfaces. Bright clearings, fragments of masses, and linear forms activate the illusory, imaginary character of the space. The result is a combination of instinct, spontaneity, and intellectual control.