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Reconciliation and obstinacy, 1996

Reconciliation and obstinacy, 1996
Reconciliation and obstinacy, 1996
Xenou Vana
(Athens 1945)
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Watercolour on maroufle paper
Gift of the artist

For the 'Tribute to Periklis Pantazis' exhibition, she created a water-colour entitled Reconciliation and Obstinacy. The composition of the work shows two couples, reversed at their base, against a monochrome background, brown on the upper and black on the lower part. By plain and simple means as to the lack of colour, the line, the background, and the rendering of the facial features, the artist renders the opposing compositions with fluidity of space and allusive development of the design. In the upper part, Reconciliation, the united heads convey communication, with a touch of the lips of the one form on the cheek of the other and a gesture of approach with the hand. In the lower, reversed, part - Obstinacy - the figures demonstrate distance, gazing fiercely in different directions, while the hand supporting the face connotes thoughtfulness. A kind of spirituality of the depiction by means of suggestion propounds a mystery, leading to symbolism.