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Portrait of a woman

Portrait of a woman
Portrait of a woman
Tetsis Panayiotis
(Hydra 1925 – Athens 2016)
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Oil on canvas
Gift of the artist
The rendering of the human figure has systematically preoccupied Tetsis, even in his student days. In Portrait of a Woman, as in other portraits, the artist explores the entity of the woman, whom he reveals through her double nature - the psychic and the physical - as she is shown as monumental with all the mass that she can be lent by the rich black of her dress and the expressiveness of the movement of her hands with the bright tones which stand out against the black. It is with this striking and rich colour range that he also renders the woman's face, which stands out against the bright red of the background, which plays an active role in the composition. Articulated with rectangular levels of colour, it stresses more the curvaceousness of the woman's body, her materiality, her sensuous presence.