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To Pericles Pantazis, 1996

To Pericles Pantazis, 1996
To Pericles Pantazis, 1996
Papaconstantinou Leda
(Ambelonas, Larisa 1945)
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Mixed media, triptych
Gift of the artist
In the work To Periklis Pantazis, of 1996, Papaconstantinou presents a construction consisting of a wooden window-frame with six panes, in which to each a small object has been added. A folded piece of string, a small heart made of baked bread, a black-and-white photograph of Pantazis with a feather, a heart made of metal mesh, a twig, a small boat - these are the objects with which she renders tribute to the artist. The little boat symbolises with tenderness the voyage of the artist and of his work upon the seas of world art and its history.