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For Pericles Pantazis, 1996

For Pericles Pantazis, 1996
For Pericles Pantazis, 1996
Gravvalos Panayiotis
(Lamia 1933 - Athens 2014)
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Mixed media
Gift of the artist
As Gravvalos tells us himself, For Periklis Pantazis belongs within "the series of my works with portraits of people of the intellectual world. In these works, my stimulus has to be twofold: first, the intellectual work, and then the expressiveness of the face, the hands, or of another part of the life of the specific artist. In the case of Periklis Pantazis, my admiration for his work was complemented by the very typical portraits which he himself produced for himself. But in analysing his works with figures, I noticed the great importance which he attaches to the expression of the hands, something with which I am concerned in my own work. The composition of my work is due to a combination of the above.