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Olive trees on Thasos, 1940

Olive trees on Thasos, 1940
Olive trees on Thasos, 1940
Rengos Polykleitos
(Chalkeio Trageas, Naxos 1903 – Thessaloniki 1984)
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Oil on wood
Gift of Dimitrios D. Tsamis
In Olive Trees on Thasos, which must have been painted in the 1940s, to judge by the way in which he handles colour by proceeding from the darker to the brighter shades, on a red background, Rengos is not content with a superficial external expression of natural features in Greece. He captures the solid masses of the trunks in their ruggedness, but he distinguishes with sensitivity the more subtle tones of all the shades of green which are in play in the translucency of the Greek atmosphere. With his knowledge of the possibilities afforded to him by daring conjunctions in the articulation of the space, he places the trees in a dense, solid formation, at the same giving, by the aesthetic impression of the wooded hillside, the image of an eternal presence expressed by the ancient but flourishing olive trees which stand there, unconquered by time.