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Olive trees, 1970

Olive trees, 1970
Olive trees, 1970
Kanellis, Orestis
(Smyrna 1910 – Athens 1979)
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Oil on canvas
Gift of Sotiris Sorogas
Kanellis’s Olive Trees make their presence felt through the sharp outline on their trunks, while their foliage is rendered in an intentionally vibrant form. In an effort to approach its essence, he isolates a tree, which he brings very close to the beholder, filling the whole surface of the work. In a mood of poetic lyricism, which is expressed through the subdued colour range and an avoidance of exaggeration in the structure of the composition, he succeeds in rendering the antitheses which this tree combines - the tender, sensitive, almost non-material nature of the foliage, and the drama and expressiveness of the trunk.