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Metsovo, St. Nicholas' Monastery

Metsovo, St. Nicholas' Monastery
Metsovo, St. Nicholas' Monastery
Malamos Costas
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Oil on maronite
Metsovo, Monastery of St Nicholas and Yannena are images from his beloved Epirus, Malamos's place of origin, which he never abandoned except for his residence in Athens after finishing his studies at the School of Fine Arts. Both works belong to the post-1970 decades, a period at which his individual style, particularly in the rendering of buildings, had already taken shape. Bathed in light, the Monastery of St Nicholas is shown as radiant, with gradations of green in the surrounding space and of beige-brown on the building. With the subject incised on a plane very close to the viewer, and the purity of his realistic style – in spite of the fact that the bright light eliminates the details – the monastery imposes itself upon the space in spite of the lowliness of its construction.