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The lake at Metsovo, 1995

The lake at Metsovo, 1995
The lake at Metsovo, 1995
Paniaras Costas
(Kiato, Corinthia 1934 - Athens 2014)
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Acrylic, triptych:
Gift of the artist

The Lake at Metsovo is typical examples of the process of apprehension of non-representational art by the artist. Liberation from the visual impression made specific and an orientation towards the substantive nature of the subject have never ceased to include a visible point of reference, a reminder of an existent image. Closer to reality, the picture of the lake at Metsovo is delineated between the mountains and the meadows, without, however, constituting a picturesque representation of the landscape; instead, by brush-strokes of a different texture, it composes a free rendering of a familiar image.