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Journey to Epirus, 2002

Journey to Epirus, 2002
Journey to Epirus, 2002
Charos Manolis
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Acrylic on canvas
Gift of the artist
Journey to Epirus, of 2002, shows a landscape with the mountain ranges as a background, on the middle plane, the waters of the lake, and, in the foreground, the traditional stone-built roofs of the houses, in an abstractive rendering. The design is incorporated into the painting, while the light is inherent in the colour. The picture's structure traverses the lyricism and the magic of the latent sense of the place, with great emphasis on tonicity, to the luminosity and the rendering of the radiance and the reflections. The landscape is diaphanous, watery, as if it is vanishing before our eyes. Although it is a vast composition, it is very close to the logic of water-colour. We have the feeling that the colours are transparent, we see how the basic shades have been applied, and how, as in a water-colour, the details have been stressed with thicker, less diluted paints. The masses, which can only be made out with difficulty, dissolve in the luminosity of the landscape and a transparency of the water, which seems to extend to and be reflected on the walls and the roofs of the houses. Nature as a joy to behold. The landscape is imaginary; it is the result of memory experienced and of a feeling for a place which, although imaginary, gives a sense of the familiar, because it is derived from a systematic observation and study of the artistic impressions of its creation. Τhe work was produced for the exhibition 'Mapping out today, tomorrow, yesterday' held at the Averoff Museum of Modern art, at Metsovo in 2002.