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Head of a Statue with Mask, 1994

Head of a Statue with Mask, 1994
Head of a Statue with Mask, 1994
Karavousis, Sarantis
(Athens 1938 - Athens 2011)
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Oil on canvas
Gift of the artist
In Head of a Statue with Mask, a linking of apparently unrelated things - a mask, a head of a statue, bottles, geometrical patterns which make reference to doors and windows - calls upon the viewer to discover the idea which permeates the work by exploring the depths of consciousness. The transcendental light with which the objects are imbued, the sense of desolation which floods the composition, and the boundless calm which is conveyed to the beholder are features which spiritualise the space and point to the sphere of the unreal. The earthy colours and those in a shade of warm grey, in low tones, harmoniously rendered - among which the bright red of the box does not shatter, but, on the contrary, binds together the composition - suggest a place in which an indefinite mystery is abroad, a place of a strange process which presses for the solution of the puzzle which is allegorically depicted, an enigma as to the essence-meaning of the life of man and of his destiny.