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The dreaming house, c.1929-1931

The dreaming house, c.1929-1931
The dreaming house, c.1929-1931
Economou Michael
(Piraeus 1888 - Athens 1933)
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Oil on cardboard

Dreaming House is one of the artist's most typical works, as it gives expression to his individual approach to the depiction of landscape. It belongs to the last period of his life (1929 - 1931), when he often visited Hydra. Although the beholder can recognise models from the life, he has to put into action intellectual powers to discover new equivalents in this art, which stiflingly fill the surface of the picture, as the subject often tends to overflow its bounds. Formalist stylisations in unified colour masses activate the space, as the surfaces, arranged in successive planes, clearly delimited by a clean outline, are reminiscent of works by the Synthetists. The dynamic function of expression of the colour, in spite of the fact that low tones are used - sensitive and soft tones which lend a certain lyricism - comes close to expressionist treatments, as the colour intensities are interwoven with the expression of feelings and emotions.