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Arrow, 1992

Arrow, 1992
Arrow, 1992
Zouni Opy
(Cairo 1941-Athens 2008)
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Acrylic on canvas
Gift of the artist
In Arrow, with the aim of the rendering of depth, Zouni studies the problem of perspective and illusion through the logarithmic development of the planes, guiding the eye to a specific point, as it tends towards going beyond the work and encountering the infinite. It is precisely this wish to create the boundlessness of the infinite through a self-powered movement that is intensified by the different elaboration of the parallel planes. And while the lower ones have been worked in pure colour without tonal modelling, boundless brush-strokes - flowers, flames, sky, meadows - maximise the concept of vast space. The yoking together of this antithesis is, however, nothing other than an expression of the completeness which raises nature to the level of universal harmony.