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Angel in white, 1994

Angel in white, 1994
Angel in white, 1994
Fassianos Alekos
(1935 - Athens 2022)
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Acrylic on cardboard
Gift of the artist
The work Angel in White is typical of the Fasianos figures which took shape in the 1990s. White, against a deep blue background, it stands out with the power of a well-assimilated tradition, as it springs directly from the ancient white lekythoi, which - as the artist himself tells us - charm him by their simplicity and clarity. By the use exclusively of the line, mobile, curving, sometimes thicker and sometimes fine and slender, he outlines the sturdy body, describing by it only the mass, while at the same time the pure white of the paper confirms his faith in flat colour on the two-dimensional surface of the picture.