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Where is my head? 2002

Where is my head? 2002
Where is my head? 2002
Hatzigeorgiou Youla
(Paphos, Cyprus 1968)
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Hatzigeorgiou's work Where is my head?, of 2002, shows a detail from a woman's face, focusing on the eye. The special lighting lends a shade of green, while altering the colour of the eyes. It is, in fact, a metamorphosis of the artist's own face which she does not hesitate to have exhibited. In this work, the illusion of transparency, the element of water, the glassy eye, which is suggestive of transformation into a feline, interweave with melancholy and a feeling of loneliness which rise up from this particular face. Yet again, the artist is shown to have mastered technique and artifice in rendering the magic of the image.