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Perhaps El Greco was in Metsovo?, 2019

Perhaps El Greco was in Metsovo?, 2019
Perhaps El Greco was in Metsovo?, 2019
Sahinis Xenis
(Thessaloniki 1954)
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Plexiglas, mirror, digital print
Gift of the artist

This new work, produced by Xenis Sachinis, professor, School of Fine Arts, Aristotle University of Thessaloniki, betrays his humorous nature right from the title. Perhaps El Greco Was in Metsovo? is a digital print after El Greco’s Storm over Toledo. The idea resulted from the fact that both Metsovo and Toledo are located in the mountains, though Toledo is a peak and Metsovo is on a slope. The artist was impressed by the fact that, in both villages, culture is inherent in nature. This work, consists of a mirror, on which a digital print is attached. The Plexiglas with the engraving of a photo of Metsovo is placed at a distance of 5 cm. Since the engraving is at a 5 cm-distance from the mirror, the viewer can see both the engraving and its reflection.
The way the artist has designed and executed this work, with the multilayered reflection of the mirror and the transparent Plexiglas, creates an effect of fog. The mirror blurs the lines of the engraving, in a way reminiscent of sfumato. In the incisions, the forms reflect Greco’s painting and the Metsovo photograph. The sky occupies the top right; trees and mountains the bottom left; the playful title Perhaps El Greco Was in Metsovo? is handwritten in the empty space. Sachinis has accustomed us to highly original works. In this work, he playfully uses contrasting elements and surprising associations. The old alongside the new; old masters and originality. A dazzling painting and colour, as well as the use of new media – mirror and Plexiglas. Lands of creation in Toledo, Spain, and Metsovo, Greece.
The work was created especially for the group anniversary exhibition “Lands of Creation, A tribute to Metsovo”, which was inaugurated at the E. Averoff Museum in 2019.