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Untitled, 2002

Untitled, 2002
Untitled, 2002
Spiliopoulos Marios
(Polygyros, Chalcidice 1957)
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Light-box. Digital process, silk print
Gift of the artist
Clinically, they said that he's an Epirot ... ". In red lettering, the inscription cancels out the image of condensed meanings which Marios Spiliopoulos has constructed in order to speak about Epirus, as a well-known provocateur, self-styled cartographer, and conceptual artist. A light box, as if from a page of a life-style magazine, like a poster, and like a barker for the exhibition. The polysemy and the multi-dimensional nature of the symbols in his art serve to reinforce the idea and the function itself of the work. Τhe work was created for the exhibition 'Mapping out today, tomorrow, yesterday' held at the Averoff Museum of Modern art, at Metsovo in 2002.