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Principality for a Day, 2019

Principality for a Day, 2019
Principality for a Day, 2019
Capten (Kotsoulas Christos) - Zafeiropoulou Katerina
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Video-Performance by Capten-Katerina Zafeiropoulou, Captain "Silly Alcibiadis Diamandi, Zafeiropoulou "Principality for a Day"
Gift of the artists
Their common work is titled Principality for a Day. The artists provide exciting information about their performance, which, according to Capten, ‘makes reference to events that occurred during the two world wars, related to Romanian propaganda seeking the annexation of Pindus Vlach-speaking Greeks and the creation of a protectorate. Capten as king declares the independence of Metsovo ‘be cause it deserves it’ and Zafeiropoulou proclaims herself President of the Republic. Capten is shown on horseback as a king in royal dress, and the Metsovo declaration of inde pendence emphasises wine and cheese.