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On a Line from George Seferis, 2001

On a Line from George Seferis, 2001
On a Line from George Seferis, 2001
Skourtis Angelos
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Processed photographs, table. Variable dimensions
Variable dimensions
Gift of the artist
The work, entitled On a Line from George Seferis, is an installation consisting of photographs, which includes a wall covered with 25 photographs of skies and a white table in front of the wall and beneath the skies, where Skourtis exhibits 18 photographs, showing Epirots, people from the square in Metsovo. It is the sky of Epirus, which covers the Epirots. It is an expression of a childhood feeling and a memory of an image, which has become a depiction. In his childhood, the artist became attached to scenes of 1940 with the Epirots - the sky always forming a background. He saw the guerrillas climbing their mountains. In the installation, the various pieces of the sky unite in a single whole, and the everyday people in the square into another whole.