Sketching out Today, Tomorrow, and Yesterday: Young Greek Artists – A Tribute to the Ioannina Region

E. Averoff Museum, Metsovo
29/06/2002 - 30/11/2002, Temporary exhibition
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A thematic exhibition featuring 51 artists, with original works inspired by their exploration of the prefecture of Ioannina – sculptures, figurative, abstract, and geometric paintings, conceptual, installation, and video art, video animation, reliefs, wall paintings, light boxes, and photographs inspired by the region’s history and folklore, people and landscape, in an extensive overview of the contemporary Greek art scene. The exhibition was inaugurated at the E. Averoff Art Gallery on 29 June and ran through to 30 November 2002.

Earlier in 2001, the 51 participating artists had toured the Ioannina region in two six-day visits. The artists’ tour of the region was managed by the architect Michalis Arapoglou, PhD, Social and Economic Geography.

The exhibition travelled to the Macedonian Museum of Contemporary Art in Thessaloniki from 4 April through to 25 May 2003, with the support of the Organisation for the Promotion of Hellenic Culture S.A., and to the City of Athens Technopolis from 18 June to 29 July 2003.


Exhibition curator: Dr Lina Tsikouta

Sponsors: Hellenic Ministry of Culture, Katogi & Strophilia S.A., A.G. Leventis Foundation, G. Karavias & Partners - Art Insurance