SACHINIS Xenis (1954) “Dodoni”, 2002

Dodoni (2002)

Xenis Sachinis has explored both painting and engraving. He has elevated the latter to a contemporary art form over the course of extensive research, by reversing the conventions of the technique itself and through systems and structures that preserve the characteristics of the art form, while making it a more comprehensive, integral art form, complete unto itself. `Dodoni,` in the Averoff Museum, is characteristic. Here, Sachinis creates a three-dimensional space. The maximization of the importance of the engraving practice through the mark has passed to an impression with the projection of the form as a shadow. The print becomes a shadow that ceases to exist when the light is absent. The print-shadow acquires a unique character, distanced from rudimentary workings of the engraving practice of multiple reproductions.