GALANIS Dimitris (1879-1966) “Child with Mechanical Horse”, 1919

Child with Mechanical Horse (1919)

Dimitris Galanis, an established painter and printmaker in the French capital where he settled in 1899, was already a member of the most progressive Parisian circles by 1910. He created an oeuvre that left its distinct mark on the development of Greek art. Concurrent with his painting, he became involved in printmaking early on and, after 1930, devoted himself to it exclusively. Galanis routinely transcribed his paintings into prints: geometrical still lifes in the first years, curvilinear forms of women and landscapes later on. The portrait of his son Jean as a child became the basis of the corresponding work, dated 1914, which is one of Galanis most popular images. Its main characteristic is its powerful emotional charge that nonetheless allows for the presence of Cubist features in the composition.