Aspects of Creativity

Proceedings of the homonymous conference, organized by the Averoff Museum in Metsovo on 2-3 October 2004. Publication includes the speakers’ presentations, roundtable discussion, live audience interventions, with supplementary analyses and speakers’ biographies.

Central theme of the conference: The exploration of the nature of the creative process, the factors that influence the creative expression of the individual artist and the course of art in general.

Speakers: Irini Orati (art historian), Andreas Ioannides (art historian, National Gallery, Athens), Ilias Kouvelas (prof. of physiology, Univ. of Patras), Athanassios Tzavaras (psychiatrist, prof Univ. of Athens).
Roundtable: Nikos Alexiou (artist), Manolis Zacharioudakis (artist), Anna Palieraki (artist-educator), Giorgos Rorris (painter), Manolis Charos (painter-printmaker).
Moderator: Nikos Xydakis (art critic).

SPONSOR: Katogi & Strofilia S.A.

112 pages, 17X24 cm, soft cover. Accompanied by CD of improvisational music by Haris Lambrakis and Vassilis Tzavaras. ISBN: 960-7694-15-5. Evangelos Averoff-Tossizza Foundation, 2005.