Art and Education

Proceedings of the homonymous conference, organized by the Averoff Museum in Metsovo on 5-6 September 1998. Publication includes the speakers’ presentations, roundtable discussion, live audience interventions, with supplementary analyses and speakers’ biographies.

Speakers: Nikos Zias: “Art and Instruction”, Angelos Delivorrias: “Familiarizing the Public with Art in Museum Organizations”, Elli Trimi: “Art in the Learning Process and the Art Educator”, Harikleia Mytara: “Art and the Child. Halkida Art Workshop”, Eleftheros Geitonas: “Art in the School: From Theory to Practice”, Yolanda Hatzi: “The History Lesson: Aesthetic Education, Art Education”, Menis Theodoridis – Nikos Païzis: “Art in the School: The Melina Program”.

SPONSOR: Geitona-Vari Schools

112 pages, 17X24 cm, soft cover, ISBN: 960-7694-06-6. Evangelos Averoff-Tossizza Foundation, 1999.